Last 2013 Prayer and Fasting, one of my faith goals was to be able to give to the building fund. One of my faith goals as well was to be able to look for a better job as I was very unhappy with all the injustice happening in our workplace. A month after the fasting, I was eventually offered a redundancy package that gave me 4 months salary tax free, which I have gladly accepted. I was able to give the amount I pledged to the building fund in full! A week after, I have received a job offer with a 35% salary increase. Only God can do that!

I was invited to a banquet last December, during which we were updated on the status of the Every nation Building Phase 1.

I have no problems about giving. The talent and resources that God gives us is His; it is our duty to make sure we are faithful stewards by using our talent and resources for His cause, to make disciples of all nations.

If you ask anything in accordance with God’s will, He will definitely answer and provide for all your needs. He has given me money above and beyond what I have asked, and He has given me the ability to give.

[People] need to believe God for a big amount that they can give to this cause. This is God’s building. He owns it and all the resources. He will  use you to give, but only if you are willing and bold enough to ask!