"We can never outgive God!": A Story of Trust in God's Power to Provide

by Mel Techo

mel-oleinAs a We are honored and happy to share our testimony on how the Lord showed His faithfulness to us.

As pastors, the nature of our work takes us all over General Santos, from house to church to campus and to our community. The hectic schedule took its toll on our previous car, which was now breaking down consistently and costing us a lot in repairs and maintenance. So my family and I began to pray for a newer and bigger car so we can ferry more people and carry bigger load.

My wife and I began saving for a brand new — or even a functional second-hand — car. We saved through the months and by April 2012 we were blessed with a big amount. With our extra savings, we were scouring and searching the market for the best buy.

As we prayed and searched, however, the Lord spoke to us, and told us to give all of our vehicle savings to the church, sowing the biggest bulk of it to the Every Nation Building Phase 2 Project. Without any delay, we wrote the check and gave it to Victory Philippines’ Development Office. Giving it felt so good!

Two weeks after, a good friend of mine called us and told us that the Lord has prompted him to bless us an amount to buy a car!

We were so amazed and surprised by what just happened, and so we looked and searched for a good vehicle. We were able to find a Toyota Innova 2006 model in great condition. To top it all off, the person who blessed us with the amount called again and told us that he would shoulder the shipping costs of the vehicle from Manila to General Santos!

The Lord has proven that we can’t outgive Him. We never can and never will! Truly, He is faithful!