The Best Investment: A Story of God’s Blessing

belleI first found out about the Every Nation Building Phase 2 when the project was first assigned to me as a Project Coordinator last year. It’s one of my responsibilities as one of the administrators of Victory Alabang.

My husband, Francis, and I wanted to be involved in the building project because we thought it was a worthy investment. So we committed to be part of the Every Nation Building Project for the next two years. We wanted to participate in what God is doing in our nation, and beyond. Since my husband is a campus minister, we also believe in training the next generation to make disciples.

Since we began giving, God has blessed Francis and I in so many ways after. But the biggest blessing we received came in the form of abundant financial provision. After one year of giving to the Building Project, my husband and I received five times of what we gave in a year. The person who blessed us with this amount told us we could this amount for future investments also.

Francis and I are so blessed to be part of the Every Nation Building Phase 2 Project. We really believe it is a good investment for the future. It feels good to participate in this endeavor, and I know the resources we allot towards this project will never go to waste.