Richly Blessed

blas and dynes magnoIn October 2013, Blas and Dynes Magno of Victory Pioneer were invited to attend a banquet for the Every Nation Building Phase 2 Project. Dynes shares their testimony and how God made Himself known to them.

When we first got an invite for the EN Building Phase 2 Building Banquet, we had no idea what the event was all about—but of curiosity and excitement, we responded to the invitation.

At the banquet, we learned the value of building a facility for the next generation of leaders. It was an ongoing project, and we felt privileged to see the building plans, designs, perspectives and blueprints. Doc Jun Aguilar, our senior pastor, made the presentation and we became interested. At the end of the event, we were offered the opportunity to be part of the project.

We were excited to be part of the great endeavor that the church was going to have. My husband and I spent time praying for the amount we were to give for the entire year, in spite of the financial challenges that we were facing. Our budget was so stretched because of our usual monthly house amortizations, utility bills, and other financial obligations that we had—and we didn’t know where to get the pledge amount we committed.

A week after we accepted Doc Jun’s challenge to give to the building, Blas was called into his boss’s office. Ever since he was hired, Blas had not been given any increases, and when he was called in, he initially thought had done something wrong. To his surprise, his boss offered him a promotion then and there, guaranteeing him a salary increase, a monthly gas allowance, and a rise up the company’s corporate ladder! It was the first time in 30 years that a mid-year promotion was given to any employee at that company, and he was stunned.

When Blas arrived at home, we both marveled at God’s faithfulness to us when we decided to do our part in building His kingdom through this building partnership. Blas’ promotion and salary increase was a reminder that He listens to his children’s prayers, sees their hearts, and makes things possible even in the midst of trials.

We have received countless blessings from the Lord and continue to receive more.  Every blessing has its own unique story to tell. For us, it is a reminder that He is faithful and generous. That is why we always endeavor to give whatever is due Him. All praises and glory to Him!