"It has really been an amazing life!": A Story of Audacious Faith

dads1When Eduardo “Dads” Valencia first heard of the Every Nation Building Phase 2 project, God spoke clearly to him, giving the virtual executive assistant a sum that took him a bit by surprise.

“He wanted me to pledge Php250,000,” the KIDS Church volunteer at Victory Fort recalls. “I thought to myself, ‘That’s already half of what I’m earning! That would be really crazy!”

For Dads, it didn’t seem possible. He was renting a place in Manila, away from his senior citizen-aged parents in Bulacan. “I have debts to pay,” he says, “and a girlfriend I want to marry someday. I support my parents. Giving Php10,000 a month for the EN Building Phase 2 would have meant I wouldn’t be able to live decently!”

Despite his trepidation, Dads decided to take God on, and pledged the full Php250,000. He believed God wasted no time, and by January 2013, his finances life read like a laundry list of blessing.

“My boss in Canada decided to hire me directly,” Dads smiles. “He doubled my salary and allows me to work from home. At the same time,” he adds, “I became the part-time virtual assistant of another person, the CEO of a non-profit organization, for an additional two hours of work daily, but with very good pay.”

He pauses, then lets a wide grin break across his face. “God tripled my salary. And I don’t need to pressure myself anymore to work abroad,” he adds, “just to do the things I want to do and attend to all my responsibilities.”

dads2“(Pledging to the Every Nation Building Phase 2) is a faith goal that may seem too impossible in my own human perspective,” Dads says, “and yet God has put the desire in my heart with this specific amount. He told me December 2012 that He would -” Dads then quotes from Isaiah 30:23 “- send me rain for the seed I sow in the ground, and the food that comes from the land will be rich and plentiful.”

Another lopsided grin.

“I am simply amazed and overwhelmed by how God works!” Dads exclaims. “It has been really an amazing life since I have surrendered my life to Jesus one year ago. Now I am believing that He will make it really possible for me to be true to this pledge and continue with my commitment of giving Php 250,000 for the EN Phase 2.”


Editor’s Note: Two weeks ago, Dads Valencia received payments from both his jobs. He has given the first installment of his pledge to the Every Nation Building Phase 2 project.