"His Promise is Never Delayed": A Story of Faith in God's Provision

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When general manager Shane Posadas decided to pledge to the Every Nation Building Phase 2 project, he did not expect to be forced into early retirement soon afterwards. Instead of abandoning his commitment, however, he decided to fulfill his pledge in full. Read about how God rewarded one man’s audacious faith with an equally stunning outpour of blessing.

In early 2012, company general manager Shane Posadas was riding high. He was happily married, father to wonderful children, and looking forward to serving out the rest of his career with his current company. When Victory Fort announced in early 2012 that it would be taking up a fund for a new project called the Every Nation Building Phase 2 Project, Shane did not hesitate to sign up.

“Right then and there,” Shane says, “(My wife and I) decided that we would contribute on a monthly basis for the next 25 months. With a monthly contribution, that wouldn’t be too much for us.”

Not soon after Shane submitted his pledge, the company where he worked announced it would be downsizing, and Shane suddenly found himself forced out by job redundancy. In addition to all retirement benefits, he was given two months of extra pay, but the reality of a jobless future troubled him and his family.

“It was very difficult,” he says, “the most difficult time of my career. I am ready of retirement age. The challenge was if there would be an employer who would accept me.”

Despite the dark days over the horizon, Shane never wavered, and he and his wife decided to honor his commitment to the church.

“(We decided to) give a one-time check to complete the 25 months,” he says.

Within days of his giving his pledge, a former employer of Shane’s gave him a call. He was called in for an interview with his former company, and not soon after, he received stunning news.

“They said ‘yes, we will be accepting you for the job,’” Shane smiles. Bigger news awaited: Shane was not hired solely as general manager; he was appointed president of the company! To this day, he still can’t believe how God came through for him.

“For the last 35 years of my career life,” he says, “the only highest position I had was the general manager position. In fact, I’d surrendered that to the Lord that if it’s only to this level, then so be it. The appointment given to me, I consider a God-appointment. Because who would expect that presidency position at this age?”

God honored Shane’s generosity not just with what he needed but with something he has long dreamed of; as a result, God’s Name was glorified, and a man’s faith serves to encourage an entire church. As a matter of fact, when Shane’s Victory Group heard of what happened, they were so encouraged they stepped out in faith and gave their pledges in full, too!

“We believe that God keeps his promise,” Shane adds, “and it’s never delayed. Just wait patiently and it will come on time.”