God’s Greater Generosity: A Story of God’s Abundance

 hinolan_jennyIn November 2012, I found out about the fundraising efforts of the Every Nation Building Phase 2 Project through my home church, Victory Fort Bonifacio. I wanted to participate in giving, but was initially a bit hesitant because of the two-year commitment I had to make. Despite that, I trusted God to come through for me; I was confident that He would provide for everything I needed.

Come December, my superiors informed me that I was one of the candidates slated for promotion. Out of the twenty candidates selected nationwide, there were only four slots available. I was not expecting to be promoted, and I prayed for God’s favor on this.

After six months, God answered my prayer. I received my promotion! What’s more surprising is that I received a number of bonuses from my annual appraisal and actual promotion. In short, God blessed me with the full total of my two years’ worth of giving to the Every Nation Building Phase 2 Project on one payslip. Imagine that! I had not even completed my two-year commitment yet!

hinolan_familyMy family and I are so blessed to be part of the Every Nation Building Phase 2 Project. We have witnessed God’s faithfulness to us in the past, through providing for all that we need. That’s why I encourage each of you, none of us can never out-give God. The more you give, the more the blessings He gives you.

We don’t have to be afraid to give to God’s purposes here on earth, because what He gives in return is so much more than what we can ever expect.

Praise God for His faithfulness!