God’s Economy: A Story of Over-and-Beyond Provision

Early in my life, I knew how faithful God could be with regard to providing for my needs. Since I was a college student, I saw how He showed Himself as a Provider. Raising my support as a campus missionary was an even bigger challenge for me, but I saw how God came through.

True to His nature, He provided more than what I expected. As a campus missionary, I witnessed how my monthly support doubled after I stepped out in faith to give to my home church’s building project a few years ago. I have seen over and over how good and faithful God is!

I guess you could say I had another opportunity to take part in what God’s doing through Phase 2 of our Every Nation Building Project.

In December 2012, I started praying to take part in the building project, and I started my monthly commitment as 2013 started. I was in faith that God would provide for all my needs.

I haven’t completed my pledge to the Every Nation Building Phase 2 Project when I witnessed God’s faithfulness yet again. Earlier this month, one of my ministry partners arranged a meeting with me. They received a big bonus, and wrote out a check for my support—amounting to 200% of my pledge amount to our building project.

I couldn’t believe it! God did it again!

Financial investors teach us to make financial investments to help our resources grow. Yes, there’s merit in making these kinds of decisions, but I believe that God is the best investment that any of us could ever make.

God has a different economy. What we sow, we reap. I sometimes wonder if what I do will bear fruit. But I realize, it doesn’t matter. He is a faithful God!

Joash Paunil is a campus missionary with LifeBox Philippines.