GOD HEARS OUR PRAYERS: A Testimony of Provision

The Deen FamilyAs a member of Every Nation Philippines’ Communications Department, it is my privilege to communicate with our partners, providing regular updates on the Every Nation Building Phase 2 project. Like you, my wife, Catherine, and I committed to monthly gifts to the building, believing that God would use this building to help build strong men and women who would work with us to disciple the next generation, including our children, Nathan and Nicki.

In June 2014, our family was shocked to learn that Nathan was diagnosed with profound hearing loss in his left ear. Follow-up tests, including an audiotory brainstem response (ABR) test, confirmed that 80% of his left ear’s hearing capacity was gone.

Nathan’s EENT recommended we get a hearing aid. Upon further inquiry, we learned that the hearing aid apparently best suited to his needs, costs Php170,000, certainly not a small amount.

IMG_9883Caths and I prayed about our situation. While we still held on fast to our faith that God would heal Nathan, we were knew we needed to prepare for the worst, and start allocating a portion of our income for the hearing aid. Every peso counted, and over the past few months, we’d set aside a little bit to go towards buying the hearing aid.

One thing we both agreed to do was not stop giving to the building project. In early November, we decided to pay off the remaining balance of our pledge by December. Shortly after we made that decision, to our surprise, we received a call from a hearing aid supplier, who offered us a hearing aid that was 50% cheaper than the original hearing aid! We were also so blessed by a few people, including Cathy’s father, who gave seed money to help us buy Nathan’s hearing aid. If all goes well, we hope to buy the device next week.

God has been so faithful to our family. There was never any doubt in our minds that we wanted to put His plans first, which is why giving to the building project was one of our family’s priorities for the past two years. (It was also a blessing that our daughter, Nicola, was featured in the November 2014 building video.) Our son might have a hard time hearing, but God has clearly shown that He hears us perfectly, and is ready to answer our prayers in His perfect time.


Do you have a testimony to share of God’s goodness after giving to our building project? Please email us at comm@victory.org.ph. Thank you!