God-given Ability: A Story of Provision

lougokianIn 2012, I received my back pay from my former employer. After tithing from that amount, I felt that God wanted me to give the remainder towards the Every Nation Building Phase 2 Project. I prayed through it, and consulted my wife about the matter. We gave the full amount towards the Building Project, and remained in faith for what God would do.

Aside from what God wanted us to do as a family, I wanted to leave a legacy to my future children. I wanted to show them that we had a part to play as a family in advancing God’s kingdom. I was holding on to God’s promise that as I embrace my role in helping build His kingdom, He will build my household.

My wife and I did not experience any kind of lack thereafter. Just as always, God provided for our needs. What was different, on the other hand, were the side projects I did aside from my regular work. God blessed us with an additional stream of income through steady and consistent side projects.

Because of this, I was able to save up to buy a new laptop. Now, I am better able to produce better-quality output for my regular work and my clients.

Through this giving journey, I realized that God does not merely bless us with our needs and wants–His Word says that He gives us the ability to produce wealth. God provides us with skills, strength, and good health, not just to work hard, but also to be a blessing to others.

Lou Gokian is a Motion Graphic Designer for Every Nation Philippines. He is married to Sarah, a Fund Marketing Officer for the Every Nation Philippines’s Development Department.